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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free estimate?
Yes. Simply set up a free in-home consultation. Our flooring expert will listen to your needs, show you what options are plausible, measure the areas, show you some flooring samples. We also offer ballpark estimates over the phone or by email.

Do you have a warranty?
Yes. Most hardwoods, tiles and carpet come with a manufacturer's warranty. We also warranty our labor for one year.

Is Colonial Floors licensed?
Yes, we are licensed and have general liability insurance.

Do you have references?
Yes. We can supply you with a list of references of our previous customers and their phone numbers.

Who will actually be performing the work from your company?
We use our own employees. It is a different crew for each kind of service, (hardwood, carpet, tile). Each crew is specialized in what they do and will deliver a superb job for you!

I already have the flooring, can you install it for me?
Sure, you do not need to buy from us, we can price you for the labor only, although if you tell us the information of the flooring you need, we can usually find the same product for you for a better deal.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover as well as cash and checks.

Deciding on a color for my hardwood floors is a very difficult choice to make. What ís the best way to make my decision?
We understand that it's difficult to visualize the color choice by looking at a small a color-sample. To make it easier we can perform a color test on your floors, basically we will sand a small section of the floors and apply the stain colors you want to see. This way, you will have a pretty good idea of how each color matches your walls and furniture.

How long will the project take?
On average, refinishing and installation projects take 3 to 7 days. Installation only takes 1 to 3 days.

Do I need to move out of my house while the work is being done?
Most people do find another place to stay while the project is being completed to avoid walking on wet floors and keep away from the unpleasant odor. Some people do however prefer to stay in the basement or even live upstairs if the work does not impede access to the staircase.

Will you move furniture?
We will move large furniture in and out of your house at a reasonable price.

What should I use under my furniture to keep from scratching my floor?
Place felt pads on the feet of your furniture will prevent the scratches, avoid moving the furniture as much as you can.

Do you replace shoe-molding/quarter round after taking it up during a job?
Yes, we replace shoe-molding on all refinishing and installation jobs. You have a choice of primed-white or finished-oak shoe-molding. We can also keep the shoe-molding, but in this case, you my consider touch up painting.

I'm not sure where to begin! My floors are in bad shape, so what can I do about it?
To restore the look of your floors you essentially have two choices: re-coat the wood floor or re-sand the wood floor. Re-coating means that a new coat of polyurethane is applied on top of the existing finish, while re-sanding means that the floors are first sanded down to bare wood and new coats of stain and  polyurethane are applied.

What determines the color of a hardwood floor?
The stain. In order to change the color of your existing hardwood floors, they must first be sanded down to bare wood so that a different colored stain can be applied. Stain color will vary depending what kind of wood you have. When matching existence flooring color, we will make sure the wood being installed is the same kind of wood to be matched.

What is a prefinished floor?
Prefinished means that the flooring was finished at the factory. The floor may be prefinished-engineered which can only be sanded down one to two times in it's lifetime or the floor may be prefinished- 3/4"-thick oak floor that can be sanded down many times. There is also a laminate type of prefinished flooring which is a wood-imitation product--there's no polyurethane and no maintenance. Essentially, it's a laminated printing of a wood design.

Will you level the subfloor?
Yes. We will level the subfloor, if needed.

What is the best way to clean our floors?
We recommend to use known brands such as Bruce hardwood cleaner and Bona Kemi's home cleaning system for cleaning your floors. You can also see the manufacture's recommendation.

Can I purchase the flooring materials I need from you and install my floor on my own?
Yes. We will deliver it to you at the day and time scheduled.

What is the difference between engineered and laminate flooring?
Engineered wood has an actual finished hardwood veneer layer on the surface. Laminate floors feature a photographic image of a finished hardwood.

Can an engineered hardwood floor be refinished?
If the top layer is thick enough it can be refinished. Usually engineered wood floors that are at least 3/8" in thickness or more can be refinished one or two times. Be sure to check the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the number of refinishes that can be done for your particular floor.

At certain times of the year I see gaps between the planks of my floor. Why?
In a solid wood floor, gapping is an issue that cannot be stopped completely. By its nature, wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. When the humidity is low and there is less moisture, usually in the winter heating months, wood will contract causing the gaps. This corrects itself in the spring and summer when there it is warmer and there is more moisture. Also, some species of wood are more susceptible to gapping than others. This is one advantage to engineered floors as its multi-ply construction makes it much more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

What is a laminate floor?
Laminate floors are constructed with several materials bonded together under high pressure. In general, laminate floors have a moisture resistant layer topped by a layer of HDF (high density fiberboard). The HDF is covered by a high-resolution image of natural wood (or tile) flooring. The laminate is then coated with an extremely hard, clear coating made from special resin-coated cellulose as a wear layer. A laminate floor is ideal for homeowners who want a durable floor that features the attractiveness of a real hardwood product

I have a concrete slab foundation. Can I install solid wood flooring or do I need engineered wood?
Engineered wood is generally recommended for concrete slabs as it can be glued directly to the concrete slab. For solid wood installation over concrete, a plastic moisture barrier is set on the slab, then a layer of plywood will need to be nailed between the slab and the wood. Be sure to check the warranty for the wood you choose to make sure you are not voiding the warranty with this type of installation.

What is HDF?
HDF is an abbreviation for high density fiberboard, a high-density, moisture resistant fiber panel. HDF is made from wood residues (sawdust , shavings and wood chips) from wood processing factories. The material is ground into a pulp and a special resin is added. The pulp is dried and then pressed into panels.

Can you repair my damaged hardwood floor?
Yes, we do repairs on hardwood floors.

What are some advantages of laminate over hardwood flooring?
Generally speaking, laminate will be less expensive than hardwood. Laminate floors are easier to install and is a popular choice of floor for do-it-yourselfers. Most of the laminate available today is glueless, leading to fairly quick and less expensive installs. A laminate floor will be more scratch resistant than hardwood and does not fade unlike hardwood floors.

 Why do I need to use a moisture barrier on concrete?
A concrete slab is capable of holding copious amounts of moisture. Laminate floors must not have direct contact with the slab because the soil underneath the slab can cause humidity to reach the floor. It is vital to install a moisture barrier on a slab before laminate installation.

Where can laminate flooring be installed?
Laminate can be installed virtually anywhere in your home above or below grade, over wood, concrete or vinyl. Caution should be used in areas with high levels of moisture such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches or verandas. Installation in these areas could lead to warping or swelling of the laminate.


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